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“Nanny! See what I can do!”

I take delight when I see you smiling broadly after completing your first somersault.

“You did wonderful!”

You laugh with pride as you puff out your tiny chest.

“Nanny! Can you please help Teddy?”

I sigh with sweet affection as you hold your beloved friend up to me for a stitching.

“We’ll take care of him in a jiffy!”

You can pick out the color of the thread you want and make a memory.

“Nanny! I picked a flower out for you!”

My heart leaps with joy as I gently grasp the gift you have so generously given me.

“Thank you very much!”

Your cheeks flush with happiness from doing such a kind deed and for being praised.

“Nanny! Will you forget us when we don’t need you anymore?”

Your eyes tear up with sheer sorrow when you hear the dreaded news of my future departure.

“Never will I forget nor will I ever stop loving.”

I tell you as I wrap you in my arms and rock you to sleep.

I may not be your mother, but my heart is filled to the brim with light from our memories.

I may not be able to stay by your side, but my love will always be with you.

Even if I forget, or even if you forget, the memories will remain forever with us.
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This world can be so suffocating.

Do we seriously need to make money to be happy?

Do we really need get more in order to get ahead?

Can’t we just stop trying to fight for one moment?

I’m not created to be a cutthroat or something like that.

I just want to breathe and LIVE.

Some things are needed in order to survive.

Food, clothes, some kind of income, basic necessities.

I get it.

But this world says that’s not enough.

You have to get more…more…MORE!

Well you know what?

I don’t agree with the world.

Oh I will follow the “proper” path.

Get the good grades and achieve the degree.

Make sure that I don’t mess up all my “hard work”.

But when I’m done, I’m going to fly.

I might not be what this world would call “successful”.

I won’t try to go into the corporate business and become the “best of the best”.

I probably won’t even grow up to be the “ideal” of the nation’s dream.

But let me ask the world something.

What does it mean to be “ideal”?

What does it mean to be the “best of the best”?

Forget that.

I’m not going to fight to make the ideal “living”.

I’m going to fight to actually LIVE.

Forget the world’s ambition.

Forget the fog that tries to quell me down and join the “crowd”.

I’m going to LIVE.

And be a LIGHT.


United States
Guess what?! My e-book, "Cygnet" is now available for $2.99! This story is a romantic fantasy that features a maiden from a foggy mountain village named Lily and a Ravenhood prince named Noctis. This is not just their story, but the story of a princess and her other half and other characters who make strides in trying to find their own paths. I hope you guys enjoy the story! I wouldn't have been able to make this book a reality if it wasn't for the kick that my sister, Jami, gave me when she said "Stop making notes and just write it already!" and the support that was given to me by my parents and older brother, Jordan, who gave me the inspiration that I needed to keep going. Also, a special shout-out for my friend :icontotochan93:, who has gracefully helped me throughout the process as an editor and a great source for inspiration and ideas. Thank you very much and, again, I hope you enjoy the story!

Update: Here's my bookshop website that has more information about my book. Take a gander!
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